The CheapaPlanetary: A Tale of Great Joy

Once in a while, cheap parts are actually a boon. Drill gearboxes are one such case.

Shifter Modifications: Fixing bugs that don't exist

Sometimes, you see a potential issue that hasn't reared its ugly head yet. This is two such cases.

The shakening begins.

We're shaking down the car... and finding all the bugs.

It's a new clutch, it's a new day, it's a new strife...

After some clutch actuator issues, a redesign is in order. Gotta love it. Scotch yokes are such a fun solution!

Houston, we have shiftoff!

RGP006 is electronically shifting (but not clutching)!

This Old Tombstone

Need a tombstone? Make a tombstone.

Drivetrain for RGP006- finished!

After much design, analysis, iteration, manufacturing, and tuning, I present the drivetrain of RGP006!

New Beginnings

Thad Makes Yet Another Website For Himself

Cleaned up Grizzly g4000

I restored and old Grizzly G4000; was missing a tailstock and toolpost.

FEA Analysis of FSAE Sprocket