RGP007 Rear Unsprung Mass Designed

Making brackets is fun. Especially when you have the competing factors of strength, stiffness, and mass.

ANSYS Tips & Tricks

I've got a few tips & tricks for ANSYS that are dead simple. You may not need to go crazy slicing up your model in DesignModeler, after all!

Summer Studying RGP007 with RoseLap

With RoseLap developed, the next step is to use it for vehicle development. That's what we've done for RGP007.

Development of RoseLap v3

What if you could find the ideal vehicle for a given racetrack? Well, with RoseLap, you can (to some degree).

FSAE Lincoln 2017- finished (14th)!

Lincoln was smooth last year. Not so much, especially for me.

The CheapaPlanetary: A Tale of Great Joy

Once in a while, cheap parts are actually a boon. Drill gearboxes are one such case.

Shifter Modifications: Fixing bugs that don't exist

Sometimes, you see a potential issue that hasn't reared its ugly head yet. This is two such cases.

The shakening begins.

We're shaking down the car... and finding all the bugs.

It's a new clutch, it's a new day, it's a new strife...

After some clutch actuator issues, a redesign is in order. Gotta love it. Scotch yokes are such a fun solution!

Houston, we have shiftoff!

RGP006 is electronically shifting (but not clutching)!